Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck


Tank trucks are tank shaped transport vehicles used to carry a variety of liquids, liquefied gas and powder goods, such as gasoline, crude oil, natural gas, alcohol and other flammable and explosive goods. The tank truck itself is bulky and heavy, and coupled with the weight of the transported items, it will increase the risk factor during the driving process. Therefore, it is necessary to use lightweight materials to make the tank body to reduce the weight of the tank truck.


Common Aluminum Alloys for Tank Trucks

Mention tank truck lightweight, everyone will think of 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5454 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate and 6082 aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate for the tank body is generally 5mm. The larger the tank body, the thicker the aluminum plate is required to ensure the safety of the tank body. A complete tank truck body is mainly composed of enclosures, wave shields, spouts and other parts.Usually takes 4-6 pieces of aluminum plate welding and become. Among them, the most important enclosures part adopts 5083 aluminum plates in H111 state. The side of the tank mouth generally adopts the O state of the same type of alloy,because O state more softer. The clapboard part adopts is 5083 - O state. In addition, there are also customers using the H111 status of 5454 aluminum plate as the tank body.


Advantages of Aluminum for Tank Trucks

1.The aluminum plate for tank trucks is light in weight and has a density of only 2.7g / cm3. Compared with steel plates, it can greatly reduce the weight of tank trucks, thereby reducing the fuel consumption of tank trucks, reducing exhaust emissions, and protecting the environment.

2.Aluminum plate for tank truck is corrosion resistant and fatigue resistant. The 5 series aluminum alloy is a typical anti-rust aluminum plate. The 6 series aluminum plate has better corrosion resistance. Their superior performance is unmatched by steel. The tank body made of aluminum alloy is durable and does not need any protective coating internally. It can transport various liquids or liquefied gases without being corroded.

3.Aluminum plate for tank truck has high safety performance, and aluminum is recyclable metal. The aluminum plate for tank trucks has good electrical conductivity and energy absorption performance. When a collision occurs, static electricity hardly collects on the tank body, and it is difficult to generate sparks, thereby reducing the occurrence of explosion accidents.


Sino Aluminum Manufactures Aluminum Plate for Tank Trucks

Lightweight is one of the development trends in the transportation industry. The creation of the concept of lightweight can not only improve the driving safety of heavy trucks, but also increase economic benefits,and the aluminum alloy material is a necessary material for lightweight. According to the research report of the relevant research associations, every 1t of light vehicle can save 0.6L of gasoline per 100km.If an aluminum tank truck is 5t lighter than a steel tank truck of the same capacity. According to the calculation of 120,000 km per year and half of the no-load mileage, at least 1800L of fuel can be saved and 9720 yuan per year can be saved. Therefore, the economic benefit brought by aluminum alloy tank material is very outstanding. Tank trucks have very strict requirements for aluminum alloy materials, and the advantages of tanks made of aluminum alloy are numerous. 

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