Aluminium Chequer Plate Properties and Application


Aluminum Checker Plate

Aluminum checker plate is a highly decorative non-slip metal plate with excellent performance, also known as Aluminum tread plate, Aluminum chequered plate, Aluminum embossed sheet and so on.In our life, aluminum chequered plates can be seen everywhere.For example, garage/ canteen /gym's wainscot, or truck bed, floor, stairs, toolbox, etc., become trendy and practical due to the aluminum checker plates.It is not difficult to find that the aluminum tread plates with various patterns are plain aluminum sheets rolled by the roller press, thus forming convex patterns on the surface.These patterns can be one bar (diamond/ pointer), two bar, three bar, big five bar, small five bar, etc. For the raw material plain aluminum sheet, they mainly cover 1, 3, 5 and 6 series aluminum alloy.Among them, diamond tread plate aluminum sheets,which represent 3105, 5052 and 4017 aluminum tread plate, have a market share of 60-70% in the north American market, and aluminum checker plate with a thickness of less than 1.6mm has a market share of up to 80%!

Aluminium Chequer Plate Properties and Application

1. Overall, the different alloy series, aluminum chequer plate properties is has essential difference.As follows:

Ordinary 1 series aluminum checker plate.It is mainly made of 1 series aluminum alloy such as 1050 and 1060 plain aluminum sheet for the surface imprinting of the plate base.These aluminum chequer plate properties of processing and good ductility, low intensity.Plus very low price advantage, very suitable for common cold storage floor and other large area laid.

3 series al-mn aluminum checker plate.Common aluminum tread plates, etc., are typical al-mn antirust alloys, their strength is higher than that of 1 series tread plates, they have good formability and weldability, and are very similar to 4017 aluminum tread plate properties. They are often used in garage/ canteen /gym wainscot, truck beds, stairs, etc.

5 series al-mg aluminum checker plate.Commonly used are 5052 aluminum checker plate, 5083, 5086, 5754 aluminum tread plates, etc., which have excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and hardness, and are used in applications requiring high performance.For example, wet environment such as ship, carriage light, or it is required to have a certain load bearing capacity, such as aerial work ladder, of course, wainscot decoration is also good.In addition, 6 serial-mg-si tread alloy plates, such as the 6061 aluminum checker plate, have good practicability due to the addition of the main alloy Si.

2. Secondly, the physical characteristics of aluminum checker plate of the same alloy brand are determined by the different surface patterns.

For example, our most common 4'*8' embossed aluminum diamond plate has a staggered pattern on the surface like sparkling diamonds, which greatly increases the friction of the contact surface.Similarly, surface pattern like clusters of willow five bar aluminum tread plate, due to its decorative pattern is made up of five concave and convex line is relatively parallel arrangement, and each group of 60-80 degrees Angle between decorative pattern, so the five bar aluminum checker plate relative single bar, the tow bar, three bar more good skid resistance, is widely used in architecture (floor) platform design, etc.For a diamond-shaped aluminum chequered plate, it is often used for packaging pipes or outer packaging.

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