Shandong Sino Steel debuted at the 134th Canton Fair Brand Exhibition


On October 23, the new exhibition period of the Guangjiao Steel Segment of Shandong Sino Steel arrived as scheduled, and it debuted at this exhibition as a brand exhibition. Faces of different skin colors are filled with friendly smiles, and languages from different countries form a symphony in the exhibition hall.


A brand booth with a good location, large area, and high popularity is a symbol of status and recognition of strength. New booth layout, smooth new product display, detailed explanations switching between Chinese and English... As soon as you walk into the Shandong Sino Steel brand booth, you can feel the all-out "hard work" of the frontline Sino Steel people, attracting a wave of There is an endless stream of buyers from Poland for consultation and negotiation.


In the Canton Fair exhibition hall, buyers from various countries are in various areas of the exhibition hall, making inquiries, discussing needs, and busy looking for suitable products for the company. The strong players in Sino Steel exerted their strongest combat effectiveness, and the number of customers received increased by 60% compared with the first day of spring. Although the competition was fierce, the full effort and sufficient preparations in this brand exhibition, as well as the group's high-quality brand reputation, etc., It is our confidence and confidence.


The “report card” of the exhibition has exceeded expectations. On-site signing of orders comes from the trust of customers, and we look forward to the next big orders.

Judging from the number of on-site exhibitors, this Canton Fair has a large flow of buyers and high-quality customers, and the exhibition effect has exceeded expectations. The current Canton Fair will also coincide with the holding of the third "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum. As a window for China's opening up to the outside world and an important platform to promote international economic and trade cooperation, the Canton Fair plays an active role in the high-quality joint construction of the "Belt and Road".

As the starting product of Sino Steel, and as the core business segment of Sino Steel Building Materials Group, it is committed to building an integrated service provider for the building materials supply chain. At present, the group has a number of company-level overseas warehouses and invested overseas production plants overseas. It has also formed five major sectors: production and processing trade, overseas warehouse business, automobile export business, agricultural product import business, and futures business, with supply chain and finance as the core. Support the new business layout. Next, the group will continue to accelerate the layout of more overseas warehouses, overseas factory production lines and overseas companies, and simultaneously carry out diversified business development. Impressing customers with its brand and strength, coupled with the blessing of the group's overseas layout, this Canton Fair will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake and will be full of rewards!


Make friends all over the world and benefit from each other

Focus on value services and make the choice simple

Showcase Sino Steel brands to the world

Build an internationally competitive supply chain integration service provider

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